Vick cancels book tour amid threats
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PHILADELPHIA, March 12 (UPI) -- A book tour by controversial Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was canceled due to "credible threats" of violence, his publisher said.

Vick, who did 18 months in federal prison after being convicted of running a dog-fighting ring in Virginia, has been on a sustained campaign to make amends and repair his public image, CNN said Tuesday.

"Despite warnings of planned protests, Vick had hoped to continue with the appearances as planned, bringing his story of redemption and second chance to major markets," said Worthy Publishing, a Tennessee-based Christian publishing company. "However, once the reported protests escalated into threats of violence against the retailers, Worthy Publishing, Vick and his family, decided to cancel the events."

The book, "Finally Free," was to be sold at signings in Barnes & Noble and other book stores across the country.

"It is disturbing that a few extremists would threaten Vick's family and store employees," said Vick's spokesman Chris Shigas. "Michael Vick has millions of fans and has countless letters from teachers thanking him for inspiring students to make positive change."



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