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Samuel J. Vance

So there you are. You go to your mailbox and your bank has just notified you that you are about to be homeless.

What do you do? Well to know where you are, you must know how you got there. If you are like millions of other Americans your foreclosure is directly related to the fact that your bank packaged, sold and possibly repackaged and resold your Mortgage with dozens, hundreds or maybe even a 1,000 or more other mortgages. When you go down to your bank to see what is going on you are not only informed that your bank no longer has your mortgage, but even stranger that your bank doesn't know who does.
What to do? Where do you go? Well interestingly enough you actually are already where you need to be. Once a business is handling a transaction for you, you are not trespassing when you go down to check on the progress of your transaction.

Furthermore, if you are waiting on that business to finish your transaction there is no actual specific amount of time for you to be on the premises. If you quietly take a seat and say that you will wait for them to find your loan holder or process whatever paper that they keep dragging their feet on, you will be totally within your rights.

Not only can you do this but so can any person that you designate in your place. All you need to do is give that person a notarized statement that makes them your “Designated Agent”. This person may now legally go to the bank on your behalf on the days that you can't make it and ask about your mortgage. This goes for you and all of your neighbors.

Wouldn't that be cozy? You and 100 other satisfied customers packed into the same bank each day until you get answers to questions that no one should ever need to ask in the 1st place - OCCUPY BANK STREET --

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