Serenity and the Importance of Self
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Serenity and the Importance of Self

By Dr. R. Dandridge Collins

( - Today we start a new series on the topic of Serenity. Traditionally, the notion of serenity brings to mind concepts like calmness, tranquility, and peace of mind. Serenity is not so much the absence of conflict, but it’s the maturity that is manifest after we develop the skill to work though conflict. It’s the deep peace that comes on the other side of our struggle. Serenity is the rest that comes after the sweat from a hard days work.

Serenity is not only a state, but it’s also a journey. It’s a path that is elusive because many seek it but few people find it. The chief reason so few find it is because people look for it in all the wrong places. People look for serenity in external things like:

  • Material possessions
  • Power
  • And Prestige

But you won’t find it there. Serenity is not a thing that you can buy or sell. You can’t put it in a box and sell it in the marketplace.

Serenity is one of those qualities that is born out of the way we learn to be at peace with ourselves. We’ve all heard the expression, that some people “are their own worst enemies”. Serenity is the opposite, it’s the peace that comes from learning to be your own best friend. Now just to make sure you don’t get it twisted, this brand of self-love is not like former Eagle wide receiver “T.O.” narcissistic proclamation, “ I love me some me”.

Instead, serenity’s weaves together important relationships almost as if we were building a beautiful new house that we begin by laying a good foundation. How we relate to ourselves is the beginning of our peace. Here are three aspects of relating to ourselves in a healthy way, that in a parallel fashion, lay the foundation for serenity in our lives:

1.  Firstly is Acceptance-Acceptance of ourselves leads to serenity. We all possess a unique blend of strengths and challenges. Acceptance helps us to embrace ourselves and become truly comfortable with who we are.

2.  Secondly Agitation-ironically, is also an important aspect of serenity. As we become more comfortable with who we are, realizing whose we are, empowers us and emboldens us to push ourselves to become our best selves. Here what helps us to be at peace is being on a path where we feel we are growing and moving forward.

3. And finally Transformation-as we continue to work on ourselves on a daily basis, we grow so much that we surprise ourselves with our progress. Each of us has our own cocoon to break out of, and when we do, we’ll get our own set of wings. We’ll look in the mirror and remember with gratitude just how far we’ve come.

And that’s our inspirational moment for today. If this topic connected with you please take a moment and let me know at . Next week we’ll address the idea that serenity is a “team sport”.

Dr. R. Dandridge Collins, known as "Dr. Dan", is author of the bestselling book, The Trauma Zone: Trusting God for Emotional Healing. More information:

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