Syrian army recaptures border crossing
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Syrian army troops had taken control of the Quneitra crossing, the only crossing between Israel and Syria, Israeli Army Radio reported.

Israel submitted a complaint to the United Nations after the Syrian army deployed tanks and armored personnel carriers in the demilitarized zone, Israel Radio said. Israeli military officials predicted rebel forces will attempt to recapture the crossing, the report said.

In the afternoon Israeli farmers were permitted to tend their crops near the border, Israel Radio said. Earlier, the the army had closed roads in the area due to intense fighting between pro-regime and rebel forces.

The developments come less than a day after Syrian regime forces recaptured Qusair near the Lebanese border that in recent weeks had been the site of intense fighting between rebels and Hezbollah-backed pro-regime forces.

The Quneitra crossing is the only crossing between Israel and Syria, and marks the cease-fire line between the Syrian- and Israeli-controlled portions of the Golan Heights. The crossing is mainly used by U.N. personnel deployed in the area and the Druze population, which crosses to study and work in Syria. The crossing is also used to export apples grown by Israeli Druze farmers.


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